2014 – 2015

exhibition views

Through various media, my research is mainly articulated around the notion of fragment and detail. I understand the fragment as what it designates in the primary sense of the term, that is, an abstraction, an isolated element extracted from a whole, becoming a new unit with an autonomous meaning.

Furthermore, the intimate aspect of the work is not only felt through the format and technique chosen to contribute to this impression, but most notably because of the second subject the work is centered on; the body and its sensitivity. Focusing more particularly on the flesh and the carnal, the work contains a tactile dimension, leading to questions about the haptic perception. The link between the tactile and the visual, questions the way we feel our own body and the relationship between it and the image. The skin is not only appearance, but also that which puts into secrecy, which goes beyond the physical enveloping surface. Depth of the human skin and depth of the skin of the painting, again raise questions about intimacy, penetration of the inaccessible.